A relocation to Power Court would provide a location closer and more accessible to our supporters. Luton Town FC is committed to delivering more sustainable travel options for its supporters which we believe this proposal accomplishes.

Existing Infrastructure

The proposed site already benefits from a well-developed transport network with easy access to the national rail network allowing supporters to be ‘split’ at source. The Luton-Dunstable Guided Busway provides access to the Dunstable, wider Luton area and the airport. Numerous local bus services, a high capacity road network around the southern corridor and a more conducive environment for walking and cycling complement the existing Transport offer.

Transport Strategy

A Transport Strategy is being prepared to support the application to include:

  • Three accesses are proposed to the development for vehicular traffic - a new western access (priority junction) off Church Street, a new southern access off the Park Viaduct-St Marys Road roundabout (new 5th arm) and the existing Pondwicks Road priority junction off Crawley Green Road whilst the existing Power Court Road access would be stopped up.
  • Access for emergency/servicing/supporter coaches will be accommodated on the Pondwicks Road access to minimise conflicts with resident/customer traffic with dedicated service yards and coach bays provided to the rear of the Stadium.
  • The new western/southern accesses will be designed in detail as part of the application and be complementary to the Illustrative Public Realm improvements proposed for the St Marys Road corridor. This will include the creation of a high quality pedestrian/cycle environment along St Marys Road with high quality surfacing, planting, footway widening, new signalised crossings, wayfinding fingerposts, de-culverting of the River
    Lea into a public feature and seamless integration of the site with the adjacent primary shopping area
  • The site is conveniently located in close proximity to National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 6 on Park Street which passes Power Court approximately 250m to the south
  • Bus stops are located within 100m of the site whilst the site benefits from excellent links to the local bus network, Guided Busway and the national rail network. Luton Interchange rail station and Luton Airport Parkway stations can be accessed in 4-6 and 15-20 minutes on foot.
  • A total of 980 car parking spaces will be provided on-plot complemented by additional car parking leased by the Club for matchday events in a number of off-site locations to intercept traffic on key radial into the town. The Club will explore extensions to existing CPZ to cover matchdays to minimise on street parking impacts in nearby residential areas.
  • A Travel Demand Management Strategy will be implemented by the Club to implement a range of ‘hard’ infrastructure and ‘soft’ promotional measures to minimise traffic movements and maximise accessibility to the site by sustainable modes of travel. This will also include car parking management and matchday traffic management measures which may include road closures in the vicinity of the site to facilitate the expeditious movement of traffic in the peak hour after the match.